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Heat Up Your Business with the Hottest Functional Drinks

As a hot drink supplier, your company is in a great position within the marketplace. 53% of consumers are actively searching for hot drinks that claim to improve health and general well-being, according to Research and Markets.

You may have considered taking advantage of the growing functional drink trend – but haven’t known how. After all, most health ingredients lose their efficacy through processing. Or they have a short shelf life. Or they can’t stand the heat. Finding an ingredient to make hot drinks into functional drinks isn’t easy.

Have you considered probiotics? Probiotics are exploding. 46% of grocery shoppers are actively looking for beverages that contain probiotics. Wouldn’t it be great if you could capitalize on more people wanting hot drinks and more people wanting probiotics to make the functional drink consumers are looking for?

DE111 expands the probiotic possibilities available to you. Download this white paper to learn how probiotics like Bacillus subtilis DE111 can heat up your business.


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