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Booth 4524

Meet with our product development experts and let them know what your formulation needs are. Learn how Deerland can customize an enzyme/probiotic/prebiotic supplement formula for your brand.
Deerland will be featuring its branded enzyme, probiotic and prebiotic ingredients – probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111®, innovative prebiotic PreforPro® and enzyme-powered antioxidant Solarplast®.  All three products are science-backed and are Non-GMO Project Verified.
Learn more about adding the benefits of probiotics to your food and beverage products, and enjoy samples of delicious chocolates, gummies and stick packs fortified with the probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111®. Because DE111 remains viable under a wide temperature range, the probiotic is ideal for use in foods and beverages, in addition to traditional supplements. 
And just for fun, stay a few minutes at the booth for your own “Deerland Doodle”, a drawing of yourself that you can take with you, designed digitally by a caricature artist.
Special Presentation: Next Generation Prebiotic Technology
IPA Probiotic Resource Center – booth 5646

Evidence has been mounting showing the value of prebiotics in supporting the structure and function of the microbiota, and the concept of synbiosis has been shown by researchers to be effective in creating, restoring and sustaining that beneficial balance. The scientists at Deerland have developed a unique prebiotic bacteriophage blend that modulates the microbiota and begins to work within hours after ingestion. Dr. John Deaton will present the findings of a recently published clinical study which shows that the phage cocktail of PreforPro® supports gut microbiota proliferation and reduces other biochemical markers, strengthening the body of evidence to make a claim of symbiotic efficacy, and to promote growth of good bacteria.

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